Expatriate Taxation


Left Out In The Cold?

With extensive knowledge of expatriate taxation issues, we know that your biggest issue is finding someone to help you with U.S. tax filings once you are no longer covered under your company's expatriate tax program. Never fear! We can help you. Take a deep breath, book an Expatriate Consultation using the button below, and let us put your mind at ease. 

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Paperless Filing and Operations

BCC is serious about helping make filing U.S. taxes as easy as possible. In that commitment, we utilize a paperless environment, secure Client Portals, and electronic filing of tax returns, all in an effort to make your lives easier!

Big Firm Experience

Don't want to pay a Big 4 firm for advice? Totally understand, at times the hourly rates can be upwards of 400-800 PER HOUR (no that is not a typo). Skip the higher rates and still obtain advice from Big 4 trained CPA's

Personal Touch

We are a small business. You don't pay someone in the U.S. only to have your tax filings prepared overseas, that just doesn't make sense. We prepare EVERYTHING in the U.S., so you do not have to worry about your information being sent overseas.  

Foreign Bank Account Reports?

Yes, they are annoying forms to file. Yes, the IRS will penalize you for knowingly failing to file the forms and the penalties can be egregious. Yes, we will prepare these forms for you so you can avoid the hassle.