Who Are Our Clients?


At BC Consulting, we do not shy away from any industry, and currently serve many clients outside of the industries listed below. We do have, however, a special place in our hearts for industries long forgotten by other companies. 


That's right, as of 2018 hemp is now legal in the United States! But we didn't start helping folks the other day, we have been assisting hemp companies for years, and we can help you too. 


Since late 2015 our staff have been assisting cannabis companies with their tax filings, entity setup, consulting, and plenty more! As of January 2019, we also own and operate www.420fs.com as a separate division of BC Consulting. 

Beer and Wine

Whether you are a large distillery or a tiny craft brewery, we can help you navigate your taxes and maximize those profits!


You keep the world awake, you should have an equally vibrant CPA helping you succeed!


Often forgotten by "businessmen", we understand that not all contributions to society come in the way of ones and zeroes. We are happy to work with you to ensure you spend your time creating, and less time worrying. 

What We Do

Income Tax Compliance & Consulting

Our team has the experience and expertise to handle any and all of your income tax questions and filing needs. 

Transaction Advisory

Business startup, expansion, acquisition, tax due diligence, spin-off, consolidation and merger advisory. 

Fractional CFO

Let us be your financial backbone and most trusted adviser.  Our team of CPAs, bookkeepers and network of financial professionals will allow you to focus on your business and provide you with the information you need to make informed executive decisions. 


Business Startup Advisory

It's never too early to start thinking about taxes! We can help you choose the appropriate legal entities and design a tax-efficient structure for your business. We will also alert you to the various pitfalls of starting a new business. 

Tax Return Compliance

There's no tax return we can't handle. Our experienced tax service team has filed returns in every state, for individuals, partnerships, C and S-corps, and trusts. We can also perform quarterly calculations and estimates in order to void under-estimate penalties. 

Worked abroad during the year and not know what to do? We can help with that that too! 

Tax Bills Piling up? Under Audit?

Don't Panic, We can help!  Whether it's helping interpret a cryptic tax letter, respond to a notice, or representation for an audit, we've been there.  Our team can assist with implementing a strategy in order to clear up any ongoing tax controversies. 

Accounting Help and Advisory

We are CPAs, however we have a referral network of bookkeepers who are more than capable to assist. 

We are able to perform a review of your books and records and assist with any difficult journal entries in order to get them cleaned up for tax return preparation. 

Cannabis Tax Service

We have clients from various industries, one of which is the cannabis industry. We can help you navigate within the Sec. 280E framework to allow maximum deductibility of expenses, provide industry insider insight and refer you to trusted cannabis advisers, vendors, banks, payroll specialists, etc.

Financial and Business Advisory & Outsourcing

  • Developing an internal control framework & Key Performance Indicators
  • Budgeting and Forecasting analysis
  • Acquisition Planning & Due Diligence
  • Quarterly Tax and Legislative Updates